I work with drawing, sculpture and installation to interrogate often slight or mundane details: edges, folds, shadows, overlaps, connections and intersections that are drawn from the made world and from within the activity of making itself. In the installation pieces What Appears May Stick and Ida the object occupies a somewhat indeterminate space as either a leftover from a previous activity or possibility for a future action. How the work starts and ends, the tension created between what is done and what might become undone, what might be repeated and as a consequence change and how the work occupies a position in relation to time, all constitute a condition of mobility within the processes of the work, its resolution and reception.

I use a wide variety of materials including: paper, tape, magnets, graphite, fabric, wood, metal, clay and processes of accumulation, repetition, framing and punctuation to navigate and negotiate the intricacies of structure, precision and chance encounter. Within each process I push towards a ‘glimpsed’ moment that provides a key, or clue, to the work. Within the processes of drawing I work from objects; observational anchors, extracted from the sculptural processes of my practice, which are used to establish an edge, territory or presence. I adjust each piece by degrees, tuning it to a very particular frequency, avoiding the urge to second-guess the image. Layer after layer the drawing is tuned, and as an image establishes itself more determinedly, it feeds back, amplifying itself from within its own process.


Helen Rousseau 2019